"Your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card, how you leave others feeling after an experience with you becomes your trademark".
—  ~ Jay Danzie

Turn-on lives at the edge of what you think is possible 

My life doesn’t look the way that I thought it would, but its my life. The life that I have created by the decisions I’ve made. I am tailoring it precisely to my own desires. I am going with my gut, I am going all in, I will not let fear hold me back, I have faith in my desires. I know what I am feeling and I trust myself.

I am the woman I am suppose to be, I own who I am. I am asking for what I want.

You know when you know… and I know that I need to be part of this company and what you are bringing to the world.

I wonder how the hell I know it and I wonder if you will see it, if you will feel it.



2014 has been a very interesting year for me. So many changes, learnings and fun.

This year I chose three words for myself

  • Love – love myself, love my body, love my work, focus on relationships all of them; friends, family and lover.

  • Simplify – simplify my life, personally and professionally, slow down, be present in the moment, take a breath, enjoy

  • Adventure – take chances, try new things, go places, have an adventurous spirit.

I think about these three words in all that I do, personally and professionally. I am letting them guide me this year.

As I have been on this path of self discovery, I decided that I would take the summer and while I would work on several projects, I would cut my workload back and enjoy my summer, as someone who is somewhat of a workaholic this was hard for me to do at first but once I got started it really became fun, and I declared it my summer of fun.

So while it definitely didn’t start this way I ended of doing something every weekend from Memorial Day to Labor Day. I did things I’ve wanted to do for years, I said yes to things I knew would make me stretch and I made friends and connection number one.

So I present to you, Katie’s Summer of Fun 2014.

Magic happens when you let go of what you know to make room for what you can feel, even without proof that it’s there.


Your Orgasm


I am the fuel.
Magic is the heat.
Your yes is the oxygen.

Ignite. It’s time.


Your Orgasm

— OneTaste

As you move through life, sometimes it feels good to take a moment to survey where you are and hold your position. This allows you to celebrate your accomplishments, consider your next move, await guidance and prepare.

But remember, it takes more energy to tread water than it does to swim. So, once you have taken time to integrate the previous steps along your path, take the next one.

Rarely will you feel fully ready for that next step. More often than not you will feel uncertain and shaky but it is taking these steps that affirms your journey and develops your ability to move forward.

Take the next step and the road will expand before you.

— I feel this quote really explains where I have been these last few months and this past weekend I took a step and I am excited to see where it takes me. #morecomingsoon
Happiness is not the absence of problems, but the ability to keep things in perspective and deal with them.
Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.
— John D. Rockefeller
Say “YES”

Say “YES”


Damn I wish I had the balls to drop everything and go travel for 7 months.

Its not what to believe, it’s what’s useful to believe.
I am strong because I’ve been weak. I am fearless because I’ve been afraid. I am wise, because I’ve been foolish
Take the journey. Life is short. Live your dream.

What I learned from “We are all Weird” by Seth Godin 

I’ve been on a bit of a Seth Godin kick lately, I love his books they are short, succinct and I always get a lot out of them. We are all weird is no different. I grew up being the weird one, which was tough at times but as I’ve gotten older I have learned to truly embrace my weird. I have found that I like who I am and all that’s weird about me.

You don’t need a private plane to be rich, but you do need enough time and food and health and access to be able to interact with the market for stuff and for ideas.

True and I really don’t want to be rich… I just want to be able to have choices about what to buy and choices about how to live.

Are you confident enough to encourage people to do what’s right and useful and joyful, as opposed to what the system has always told them they have to do?

I am really moving in this direction as I have found that what we have always been taught is not always what’s best and I want to help educate people on how to live their best life ever.

A few things that really stood out to me as truths:

It’s not an accident that our instincts, expectations and biases are organized around honoring the masses.  

It determines not just what we buy, but what we want, how we measure others, how we vote, how we have kids, and how we go to war. It’s all built on this idea that everyone is the same.

However the tide has turned, and mass as the engine of our culture is gone forever.

The weird aren’t loners. They’re not alone, either. The weird are weird because they’ve foregone the comfort and efficiency of mass and instead they’re forming smaller groups, groups where their weirdness is actually expected.

The key element of being weird is this: you insist on making a choice. More choice, less mass.

  • Force one: Creation is amplified.

  • Force two: Rich allows us to do what we want, and we want to be weird.

  • Force three: Marketing is far more efficient at reaching the weird.

  • Force four: Tribes are better connected.

You need to be rich to be weird. Not Rockefeller rich, of course, but rich enough to not worry about surviving. Rich enough to care about choice.

in much of the world even the poor are rich enough to make choices, rich enough to have passions, enough to care about what they watch or what they eat.

When we give people choice, we make them richer.

I have a choice, I need to exercise it and now that I don’t feel alone it’s easier to be weird. However If you want me to buy from you, you need to acknowledge and  respect my weirdness.

We’ve been trained since birth to enforce the status quo. Our bias is to the many. To please the many. To sell to the many. To be organized to serve the many.

Surprise. The weird are now more important than the many, because the weird are the many.

If you persist in trying to be all things to all people, you will fail. The only alternative, then, is to be something important to a few people.

If you cater to the normal, you will disappoint the weird.

It’s true that we want to be part of a tribe. What’s not true is that it must be the uber tribe, the one and only mass tribe, the center of the curve. Our own little circle is in fact what we really want.

I am different and I want learn differently, think differently, and dream differently.

If only we could embrace the weird in our children, this is an area that is so ripe for change. I was the weird kid. I was homeschooled when it was relatively unheard of.. I worked hard, got stuff done and embraced my passions, I remember signing up for multiple home study courses in high school in areas that I was interested in.. and sometimes I imagine what I could have learned had I had access to the internet of today…

What are we going to do with 4 million weird kids? Every year! When a six-or seven-or eight-year-old kid is gifted at visual thinking, why do we shut her down and force her to do fractions? When a teenager wants nothing more than to organize and to solve interesting problems, why do we push him to study for the SAT instead? When the standard at a school is defined as mediocre, why don’t we celebrate and leverage the student who’s willing to push the envelope and produce heroic work?

The simple alternative to our broken system of education is to embrace the weird. To abandon normal.

It’s simple, but it’s not easy. It’s not easy because we can’t process weird. We can’t mass-produce students when we have to work with them one at a time or in like-minded groups. We can’t test these kids into compliance, and thus we can’t have a reliable, process-oriented factory mindset for the business of education. No, it’s not easy at all.

The stories of so many outliers are remarkably familiar. They didn’t like the conformity forced on them by school. Struggled. Suffered. Survived. And now they’re revered.

What happens if our schools (and the people who run them and fund them) stop seeing the mass and start looking for weird? What if they acknowledge that more compliance doesn’t make a better school, but merely makes one that’s easier to run?

My proposed solution is simple: don’t waste a lot of time and money pushing kids in directions they don’t want to go. Instead, find out what weirdness they excel at and encourage them to do that. Then get out of the way.

We are coming together. Finding each other, Embracing our weird and creating change.

Weird is everywhere you look it’s the outliers, the previously alone, who are getting together in order to reinforce their nascent movement. They’re well aware that their world doesn’t extend forever; in fact, it might not go much further than this tent they’re standing in.

It’s human nature to be weird, but also human to be lonely. This conflict between fitting in and standing out is at the core of who we are.

The weird have an obligation, too If marketers are going to cater to the edge cases, then the edge cases have to step up and spend money, speak up and get involved. Yes, they have to act a little less weird, and organize into tribes willing to engage with the outside world.

If you want marketers to make exactly what you want, you have to tell the marketers what you want.

And then keep your promise and buy something when they make it.

We have more power than ever before. We need to realize that and band together. We can change anything we want.

Tribes are groups of people aligned around an idea, a community, and a mission.

No niches. No mass. Just tribes that care in search of those who would join them or amplify them or yes, sell to them. This is not utopia, but it is our future.

We don’t like the advertising that’s not for us, not about us, not interesting to us. But talk to me, directly to me, about something relevant and personal, and I love you for it.

The challenge of your future is to do productive and useful work for and by and with the tribe that cares about you. To find and assemble the tribe, to earn their trust, to take them where they want and need to go.

The goal is find and organize and cater to and lead a tribe of people, embracing their weirdness, not fighting.

Let’s get out there and create the shift . Let’s stand together and embrace our tribe and our own brand of weird.

I give myself permission to go on this journey.